Salsa Verde Enchiladas

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

This is one of my New favorite savory meals. It’s loaded with protein, the cassava flour tortillas are lightweight, and it’s filled with vegetables + greens. It’s easy to make in the cast iron skillet. I love when you can use one pan for the entire meal. This means less dishes y’all. 👏🏻

My husband and I are currently hooked on this meal. It’s great for meal prep or to enjoy with others.

The cassava tortillas are gluten free, grain free, and nut free!


3-4 @mikeys cassava tortillas ⁣

1 c of homemade black beans ⁣

1 c of organic chicken ⁣(cooked)

2 bottles of salsa verde ⁣

1 red bell pepper ⁣

A handful of kale⁣

A handful of raw cheese or vegan cheese

Pink salt, black pepper, & cumin ⁣

Lime juice⁣

What to do: Preheat the oven to 350. In the cast iron skillet, sauté the bell pepper, black beans, and organic chicken in olive oil. Once it has cooked for 5 minutes, add half a bottle of salsa verde. Let the filling cook for another 5 minutes. Once that has cooked for 10 minutes, set that aside and heat up another pan. Throw the tortillas on there for a minute, so it’s easier for it to bend. Fill up the tortillas with the filling, and then roll them. Set the enchilada down on the cast iron and repeat. Throw the rest of the green salsa verde on top. You can add cheese and cilantro if you’d like! Bake for 20-25 minutes. Enjoy warm. ⁣

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