Brownies + Peanut Butter Frosting

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Ingredients ⁣

@thefirstmess Brownies 3/4 c of natural peanut butter ⁣ 3/4 c of unsweetened apple sauce ⁣ 1/4 c + 2 tbsp of maple ⁣ 1/2 c of chocolate chips ⁣ 1/2 c of cacao powder ⁣ 3 tbsp of coconut flour ⁣ 3/4 tsp of baking soda ⁣ 1/2 tsp of sea salt ⁣

Chocolate peanut butter frosting

1/4 c of creamy peanut butter

1/4 c of maple or raw honey

2 tbsp of cacao powder

2 tbsp of oat milk ⁣ What to do Preheat the oven to 350. Then place the peanut butter, apple sauce, maple, and chocolate chips in a pan. Warm the ingredients on low. Once it has melted, set it aside and let it cool. Meanwhile, mix the coconut flour, baking soda, sea salt, and cacao powder. Then combine the two batches together. Place the batter on parchment paper. (Make sure the parchment paper is lightly oiled) Add your favorite toppings. And bake for 25 minutes. Let it cool for two hours before cutting. ⁣

Mix till it’s fully combined! I put mine in my high speed blender! Enjoy.

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