Redding, California

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Mimi Grace

organic, vegan, paleo friendly.

This place has all sorts of foods from salads, soups, vegan waffles, healthy desserts, lattes, and more! + You will find the best sourdough bread there. Enough said? I think so. This cafe is so cute inside! I appreciate that the owners support other local like minded small businesses as well. You will be able to find natural products from other small businesses sold at their café that you can buy. And on occasions they have a farm stand inside where you can purchase fresh produce. + They have so many fun events that are held there for the community! I have to say it is one my favorite place in Redding!

My recommendation: Abundance bowl w/kale. (You will have to specify you want kale instead of romaine lettuce), vegan waffle, and turmeric latte with their housemade nut milk!

Fresh Fire Grill

Organic, vegan, paleo friendly.

This place is delicious! It’s a small and family owned restaurant. It’s a local place that is a must try! They sell burgers, tacos, bowls, salads, juices, kombucha, and much more! All their food is so flavorful, and I always walk out of their feeling good. 

My recommendation: Kale salad w/organic chicken, asian chicken tacos, and their chicken bowl w/homemade aioli (For the chicken bowl, I sub for for their kale instead of cole slaw).

Coffee Bar

healthy light eats (mostly organic).

If you love coffee or toast, this is YOUR spot! They have the best almond butter toast topped with fresh berries, and their avocado toast with pumpkin seeds & local micro greens. It’s a small little place, but it is definitely a cute little hipster spot! But, they have a good amount outdoor seating.

My recommendation: Any of their toast! (You won’t be disappointed). My husband loves their waffles with almond butter and fresh berries.

Country Organics

organic, vegan, raw.

This place is a small cafe in an organic grocery store. The store and the cafe is family owned. The store itself has unique food and drinks! So if you’re looking for a quick snack or drink on the go, the store is for you. But if you’re looking for a meal, their cafe is highly recommend. They sell wraps, salads, bowls, veggie & hummus,  cashew chocolate mouse, and much more!

My recommendation:

the vegan melt and chocolate mouse.

From The Hearth

vegetarian and paleo friendly.

This place isn’t all organic, but they make their food from scratch straight from their café. They definitely have plenty of healthy of options! + They are fine with you adjusting what you want to meet your health needs. (This mama loves that about them!). If you go here, you definitely want to sit by the fire place they have at their downtown location. It’s very cozy and family friendly.

My recommendations: The Chi Bowl with no rice, extra beans, veggies, and avocado! Or their poached eggs with sourdough bread. My husband loves their burgers.

Theory Collaborative

light eats, coffee/tea, healthy baked goods.

Moonstone Bistro

organic, vegetarian, paleo friendly.

If you want a beautiful atmosphere, a treat yourself moment, and quality food- this is for you! They have burgers, veggie burgers, salads, fish tacos, and more! My husband and I love to sit outside on their patio. It always felt so cozy.

My recommendations: Quinoa burger and the big salad. My husband always gets their Moonstone burger, and he has loved it every time!

Orchard Nutrition

Organic, Vegan, & Paleo friendly.

This is another local organic grocery store in our small town that I love. You can find me here weekly for sure! I’m one to get lost in here finding all the unique and fun products! They also have a cafe that sells all organic items: fresh juices, organic chicken, sandwiches, soups, and salads! 

My recommendations: I love their bulk section. You can bring your own glass containers to fill up anything you want. And they have a huge bulk section, trust me! It’s a good one. So examples what they have in bulk: local honey, maple, oils, peanut butter, almond butter, flours, individual herbs, etc! It’s very convenient. I mean you name it- they have it all. My husband and I like to get their pre-made organic chicken they make fresh daily in their cafe. (It’s only baked with olive oil and seasonings – that’s it!) + they carry some of my favs: siete chips, bonafide bone broth, honey mamas, rebbl, kombuchas, nathans sourdough bread, and local probiotic yogurt.

Roots Juice Bar

Organic, juices/smoothies, snacks, shots.

This place sells delicious juices, smoothies, shots, and snacks. Their ingredients are very simple! All their produce is quality. Whenever I am sick, I go to roots and grab their filthy shot. It does the job quickly! What I love about this place is that you are able to bring your own protein powder or collagen, and they will add it in a smoothie for you! (Which I think that’s amazing!) They also sell apple nachos, fruit, and a hummus plate if you are in need for an additional snack. And they open up at 6 AM and close at 10 PM. That is rare to find in Redding. Especially a healthy place! I appreciate that about Roots. + You will enjoy the people who work there! They are always so friendly! 

My recommendation: Mean green with pineapple, lime time with ginger & pineapple, and the filthy shot. 

If you have any questions about our local cafes or stores, feel free to message me! Enjoy!

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