Egg, Quinoa, Veggie Poppers

Egg, Quinoa, Veggie Poppers: 1 pasture egg ⁣

1 c of quinoa ⁣

1 c of diced mushrooms, red onions, and kale⁣

1/4 c of almond flour ⁣

3-4 tbsp chipotle seasoning ⁣

A pinch of salt and pepper ⁣

1/2 c of vegan or raw cheese ⁣

A splash of lemon juice ⁣

What to do: Preheat the oven to 350. Start with your quinoa. I like to cook mine in veggie broth but water works just fine, too. Meanwhile, dice all your veggies into really small pieces. Sauté them in olive oil for 10 minutes or till they are golden brown. Once the quinoa is done, add your salt, chipotle seasoning, and lemon juice. Then give it a good mix. Make sure to season well. More seasoning the merrier. You can add any spice you like if you don’t have chipotle seasoning! In another bowl whisk your egg, and then add all the ingredients to a bowl. Use a ice cream scooper to make the little patties. They will need to be made small. Flatten them out into a circle shape. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Eat immediately. Top with sea salt + herbs, or dip with your favorite sauce! We used primal kitchens unsweetened ketchup.

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