Have you Ever Broken or Torn Something in your Body?

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Yes, me too! 

In 2017, I tore my first of anything. I tore my hip bone, ouch! I went from working out 5 days a week to zero in a matter of moments. It was rough! Being a full time mama and part time influencer, working out was my outlet of fresh air. I couldn’t even walk because it hurt so bad. I basically had to learn how to rest my body for almost a year. Of course, as the months passed by, I was able to do more and more. However, my physical therapist didn’t give me the okay to workout. I wasn’t about to mess with that. I knew I had to make the best out of the situation.

I definitely had to capture my thoughts very closely. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of negativity and discouragement. (Trust me, I had my moments). Since I couldn’t workout without it irritating my hip, I focused on stretching and arm weights. Aside from that, I used the sauna to get my deep sweat in. That’s it! I knew stretching and arm weights weren’t going to make me sweat, so I was able to release toxins and stress through the sauna! It helped incredibly! Now the sauna is part of my weekly routine. I’ve seen it help clear my skin, improve my sleep, relax my bones, decrease inflammation, and help with stress. It was a very hard journey but it has definitely gotten easier. Since I was absent from the gym for a year, getting back in routine has been a challenge. Nevertheless, it feels good! I can happily say I’m back! Which I’m very thankful for. Where ever you have hurt yourself, first seek a doctor. I totally recommend seeing a physical therapist and abiding to what they say!

Body stretches, arm weights, the sauna, and Jacuzzi were life changing for me during this time! It allowed me to move my body, get a deep sweat in, and heal my body at the same time. I hope this helped you. If you’re in this now, I just want to tell you not to be discouraged. Your body naturally heals if you give it the time to. 

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