Should you Sauna?

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

When I tore my hip bone, I went from working out to 5 days a week to zero in matter of minutes. I wasn’t able to workout during this time, but my body was still craving the desire to deep sweat. Who doesn’t like a good deep sweat? I knew I had to get creative since I was limited with my options. I remembered my gym had a dry sauna, but I never used it before. So, I thought I’d start there. Now I am hooked! The sauna has been part of my routine since then. When I first started, I couldn’t stay the entire 15 minutes. If you can’t either- that is okay! Take your time for your body to get use to that temperature. But, most importantly, listen to your body.

Check the benefits and my routine below. 

My routine: 

15 minutes of sauna time 

3-5 minutes ice cold shower 

15 minutes of sauna time

3-5 minutes ice cold shower 

* Make sure to keep hydrated!

What have I noticed using the sauna? 

1) I’ve noticed that my skin has a more natural glow to it. 

2) When I use it at night, I sleep better. 

3) The days I wake up with puffy eyes (during season changing, tiredness, stress), I’ve noticed a decrease in inflamation around my eyes.

4) The sauna relaxes my body, and it helps me feel less stressed.

Other benefits: 

Detoxes the body. Improves circulation. Relief from sore muscles. Increased metabolism. Helps lymphatic drainage. 

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