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Simple Teriyaki Cous Cous

This meal is simple and refreshing! It’s great for meal prep. You can eat it as is or include it to a meal.

Teriyaki Cous Cous:

Cooked Cous Cous

@primalkitchenfoods teriyaki dressing

Two tomatoes

One cucumber

Salt and pepper

How to prep your cous cous:

1 C + 3/4 C of vegetable broth or water

1.5 tbsp of melted butter

1 tbsp of olive oil

Salt to taste

What to do: Bring everything to a boil besides the cous cous. Once the water or broth is a boil, add your cous cous. Turn off the heat and set it aside. Let it sit covered for 5 minutes. Once your cous cous is cooked, dice your veggies. Add the cous cous, veggies, seasoning, and teriyaki dressing to a bowl. Mix it well till it’s fully combined. Let it chill for 30 minutes till it’s cold.