Ask Away 

How do you edit your photos? 

I mainly use VSCO and Lightroom mobile to edit my photos. However, I choose not to share my exact filter because I think it’s important for each individual to find their own editing style. That’s the beautiful thing about photography. 


Do you use your iPhone or camera? 

I use to only use my camera at all times; but now I mainly use my iPhone 8 + for the photos on my feed. I am itching to get back to use my camera though! We shall see. 

What’s your food philosophy?

I am a strong believer to eat things that make each individual feel their best self. If that means you eat a certain way that no one else does, please do it. It’s so important to listen to your body. So, what is my philosophy? Real food. I’m not one to put myself in a box, so I appreciate freedom when it comes to my choice of food. I don’t follow a certain diet fad. I mean, I was vegetarian for eight years, so I gotta say I enjoy eating more plant based meals. That is what makes me feel most alive. But, I don’t limit myself to only plant based meals. That’s where listening to my body comes in. 


I’ve also have challenged myself over the years to eat food at its purest form. So, you can say- I try to eat fruits, veggies, and my meals as is. I believe as a society we got used to sugar in everything. (Even if it’s maple or raw honey- sugar is sugar). But, I’ve adjusted my taste buds to get use to appreciating what foods and drinks taste like at its purest form. I now love the bitter, natural sweetness, and potent tastes that food brings when it has been untouched.


How long were you vegetarian for? 

I was vegetarian for eight years. 


Are you still vegetarian? 

No, I’m not. However, I eat very close to it! When I eat less meat, my body appreciates it best. I like to eat lentils, quinoa, eggs, spirulina powder, nuts, and seeds. But if my body wants meat, I eat it! Simple as that. I only eat organic chicken and wild salmon. 


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